Introducing the Art Series by Byron Bay Cookies

Sour Cherry CheesecakeChoc Pretzel & Pecan Cookies
and Coconut Lamington with Rosella Jelly


These dessert-inspired cookies feature bold packaging design
with unique artwork
from Byron Bay
graffiti artist Davey Mac,
aka Teazer

About the Artist

Davey Mac aka ‘Teazer’ grew up in Bondi in the late 80’s. He was heavily influenced by graffiti art
popping up around the area and later in books and magazines.

Further inspired by skateboard art and culture, he developed his own version of New York style graffiti.

His graffiti has taken him all around Australia and the world and he is well known in the industry.

The same artist was commissioned to create a large scale mural with custom graffiti art for the (see above)
Byron Bay Cookie Company Gift Shop, a popular pit stop for cookie lovers visiting Byron Bay.