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Falwasser - Gluten Free Activated Charcoal Crispbread 120g

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Falwasser - Gluten Free Activated Charcoal Crispbread 120g

An all natural gluten free wafer thin crispbread, made with Activated Coconut Charcoal.  For more options - see description below.

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Unit (1 x 120g Falwasser Crispbread)

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All natural wafer thin gluten free crispbread (120g).

Wafer thin and crisp in texture, Falwasser crispbreads are known for their delicate flavours. They are the ultimate gourmet entertaining snack and the perfect complement to cheeses, pates and dips. The packaging features a cheeky brand message which highlights the key features of this award-winning product.

Also available:- 

Gluten Free Natural

Gluten Free Rosemary & Sea Salt

Pepper & Chives



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