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Byron the Bear Organic Wildlife Kids Biscuits - Malt - 100g Box (10 x 10g)

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Byron the Bear Organic Wildlife Kids Biscuits - Malt - 100g Box (10 x 10g)

Organic, Gluten Free and Delicious! Suitable for kids 12 months+ and shaped perfectly for their little paws! Conveniently packed into individually wrapped single serves, for when you're on the go!

A portion of proceeds help support Australian Wildlife Warriors, an organisation initiated by Steve and Terri Irwin to protect injured, threatened and endangered wildlife.

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Box (10 x 10g 100g Kids Biscuits)

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Byron the Bear’s Wildlife Adventures

Once upon a time, a brown bear with cuddly paws and a curious mind set off to sail around the world, looking for a new adventure. After many days and many nights travelling across the open seas, his little boat washed ashore Wategos beach in Byron Bay, Australia’s most easterly point, where he discovered his own slice of ‘Bearadise’. Whether he’s catching waves, snorkeling in the Bay or bushwalking in the green lush Hinterland, Byron the Bear is passionate about exploring and protecting Australia’s beautiful wildlife.

Join Byron the Bear on his Wildlife Adventures and support Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Warriors! Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors was initiated by Steve and Terri Irwin in 2002 as a way to include and involve caring people in the support and protection of injured, threatened and endangered wildlife – from the individual animal to an entire species. Australia Zoo provides significant financial support to Wildlife Warriors, enabling 100 per cent of donations to go directly toward conservation projects, both domestic and global. A portion of proceeds support Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors’ conservation effort.

Also available in Banana Flavoured and Cocoa.

Click here to find out more about Byron the Bear!

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